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Sunday, Aug 12, 2012

We have upgraded our website to follows HTML5 standards.

Sunday, Aug 12, 2012

Hospital Information System (HIS) released. Contact us for more information.

Sunday, Aug 12, 2012

School/College Information system released. Contact us for more information.

Health Care

Health Care is a prestigious product - a hospital information system - of Neo Adams.

Product contains following modules:
Inventory Management, IP/OP BIlling, Doctors/Staff Management, Consumables Management, Reports, User Management

School/College Information System

School Automation system is product of Neo Adams.

Product has following modules:
Student profile management, Fees Module, Academic Records Management, Accounting, Reports, User Management, Website Integration

Account Manager

Account Management Software package for hotel industry.

Following modules are included:
Stock Management, Transactions Management, Payroll, User Management, Reports

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